Post girls that are 18 and older, plain and simple. This includes anything in the post title that indicates that the girl is less than 18 or if the girl does not look at least 18. Any violation will result in a permanent ban.


No nudity. This is another one that we have zero tolerance for. Any post containing nudity will be removed and you will be permanently banned.


Certain edgy content is allowed only if you tag it with the NSFW tag. We have been allowing this, please do not abuse it or else it will not be allowed. Very sexy lingerie, pokies, and posts that are risque fall into this category. Bikinis or normal underwear do not need a NSFW tag. Topless covered is NOT allowed. Tag what is needed or it can result in at least a temporary ban.


Do not post anything that could potentially identify the girl, such as her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc, either in the posts themselves or in the comments. Asking for the source, who the girl is, or any other personal detail is a violation of this rule. Do this, you will be at least temporarily banned.


Do not post sexual titles. Do not degrade the girl. Do not advertise your contact information. Do not appear spammy. Do not post anything that would lead towards a NSFW conversation, even if it is subtle hinting. It should not be hard to come up with a decent title. If you cannot come up with a title, put a random letter, number, or a period and submit the post. You will get at least temporarily banned for breaking this rule.